Music from the Road: Indie Song Releases - June 2015

It's a good year for Indie music! Several of my favorite Indie artists have released new albums this year. Here's a round-up of new albums I am currently listening to when I'm on commute.


Genre:                Indie Pop

Release Date:   January 19, 2015
Studio Info:      9th Studio Album
Country:           U.S.A.

Track 1: Nobody's Empire

Track 2: Allie
Track 3: The Party Line
Track 4: The Power of Three
Track 5: The Cat with the Cream
Track 6: Enter Sylvia Plath
Track 7: The Everlasting Muse
Track 8: Perfect Couples
Track 9: Ever Had a Little Faith
Track 10: Play for Today
Track 11: The Book of You
Track 12: Today (This Army's for Peace)

2. NO CITIES OF LOVE  - Sleater - Kinney

Genre:               Punk rock, Indie rock, Post punk
Release Date:   January 20, 2015
Album Info:      8th Studio Album
Country:           U.S.A.

Track 1: Price Tag

Track 2: Fangless
Track 3: Surface Envy
Track 4: No Cities to Love
Track 5: A New Wave
Track 6: No Anthems
Track 7: Gimme Love
Track 8: Bury our Friends
Track 9: Hey Darling
Track 10: Fade

3. SMOKE + MIRRORS - Imagine Dragons

Genre:               Indie rock
Release Date:   February 17, 2015
Album Info:      2nd Studio Album
Country:           U.S.A.

Track 1: Shots

Track 2: Gold
Track 3: Smoke and Mirror
Track 4: I'm So Sorry
Track 5: I Bet My Life
Track 6: Polaroid
Track 7: Friction
Track 8: It comes back to You
Track 9: Dream
Track 10: Trouble
Track 11: Summer
Track 12: Hopeless Opus
Track 13: The Fall

4. FROOT - Marina and the Diamonds

Genre:               Synth-pop, Indie pop
Release Date:   March 16, 2015
Album Info:      3rd Studio Album
Country:           Great Britain

Track 1: Happy

Track 2: Froot
Track 3: I'm a Ruin
Track 4: Blue
Track 5: Forget
Track 6: Gold
Track 7: Can't Pin Me Down
Track 8: Solitaire
Track 9: Better than That
Track 10: Weeds
Track 11: Savages
Track 12: Immortal


Genre:               Indie rock
Release Date:   March 24, 2015
Album Info:      Debut Studio Album
Country:           Australia

Track 1: Elevator Operator

Track 2: Pedestrian at Best
Track 3: An Illustration of Loneliness
Track 4: Small Poppies
Track 5: Depreston
Track 6: Aqua Profunda!
Track 7: Dead Fox
Track 8: Nobody Really Cares if you Don't Go
Track 9: Debbie Downer
Track 10: Kim's Caravan
Track 11: Boxing Day Blues
Track 12: Stair Androids & Valley Um.. (extra track on vinyl only)

6. ASK THE DEEP - Soley

Genre:                Indie pop alternative
Release Date:   June 9, 2015
Album Info:      2nd Studio Album
Country:           Iceland

Track 1: Devil

Track 2: Ævintýr
Track 3: One Eyed Lady
Track 4: Óhljóð
Track 5: Halloween
Track 6: Follow Me Down
Track 7: Breath
Track 8: I will Never
Track 9: Dreamers
Track 10: Lost Ship

7. HOW BIG, HOW BLUE, HOW BEAUTIFUL - Florence and the Machine

Genre:                Indie folk-pop
Release Date:   June 1, 2015
Album Info:      2nd Studio Album
Country:           Iceland

Track 1: Ship to Wreck

Track 2: What Kind of Man
Track 3: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Track 4: Queen of Peace
Track 5: Various Storms and Saints
Track 6: Delilah
Track 7: Long and Lost
Track 8: Caught
Track 9: Third Eye
Track 10: St. Jude
Track 11: Mother

8. BENEATH THE SKIN - Of Monsters and Men

Genre:                Indie folk-pop

Release Date:   June 9, 2015
Album Info:      2nd Studio Album
Country:           Iceland

    Track 1: Crystals

    Track 2: Human
    Track 3: Hunger
    Track 4: Wolves without Teeth
    Track 5: Empire
    Track 6: Winter Sound
    Track 7: Slow Life
    Track 8: Organs
    Track 9: Black Water
    Track 10: Thousand Eyes
    Track 11: I of the Storm
    Track 12: We Sink
    Track 13: Backyard

    Credits: From Wikipedia and or the Artists website..

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