8 Experiences as an Asian Female Traveling Solo in Southeast Asia

When you travel, you get to experience many firsts on the road. As an Asian female travelling solo in neighboring Asian countries, I thought I wouldn't be too surprised of things that will come my way. I was wrong of course, but being Malay, I was flexible enough to adapt to circumstances that welcomed me on my travel. 

Here's a round up of things I experienced from my solo travel around Southeast Asia. 

1. It's great to be Asian travelling in Southeast Asia. 

You can safely roam the streets or cross the border without being haggled because you don't look foreign enough. 

2. Sometimes you get lucky you pay the local fee...

Foreign travellers usually pay a different rate (especially in Indonesia where foreigners pay 30x the local rate). Looking like the rest of them and if you know simple phrases, you could even get in for free.

3. Say you're from the Philippines, and the conversation shifts to Manny Pacquiao.

We didn't call him people's champ for nothing. He really is "The Man".

4. Guys will hit on you...

Because you are alone, because you are Asian, because you are a woman.

5. The food is kinda the same, but somewhat different

But still delicious!! I actually prefer that other Asean countries have more veggies in their dishes than the Philipines. Fried food is like a staple, next to rice. And I love that tea is free almost anywhere. 

6. You can eat streetfoods without upsetting your stomach

Spicy, dirty, you name it. LOL!! I've had lots of practice from back home!!

7. You learn to appreciate the little things that usually don't matter back home.

 Wait, What? How?

8. And understand that not everything that you have back home matters. 

I gotta sell her to fund my next trip. Anyone??

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