7 Must-See Coron Places on a Daytour

Searching for an island hopping trip that's easy on the budget? 
Book a flight and fly to Busuanga Island, Palawan, and get hold of the many karstic islands of Coron. 

Coron is located on the northeast tip of the Palawan Group of Islands. Flight to Busuanga takes approximately forty five minutes. There are service vehicles/vans plying around the island to get you to different destinations in Busuanga. Coron town proper is a PhP150.00 van ride from the airport. At the town proper, you'll have access to various hotels or lodgings at different price ranges, with or without travel tour packages.  Cheap places to stay also abound, and you could choose amongst a bunch of fan rooms or airconditioned ones. 

There are so many things to do and places to see in Coron.
 Here are seven must see places in Coron you can easily visit in a day or two.

To get the trip started, you can book a daytour from reputable dive shops for island hopping and or diving tours. A DIY can also be arranged by hiring a banca which offers flexibility to go around places you want to go to. An example is this signboard at a corner bakery.

A usual one or two day itinerary would include a visit to the following places of interest.


The entrance fee to Siete Pecados is PhP100.00 (though technically, there was really no entrance to the area). The surface view was not much of a wonder, but dive underwater with a bread to spare, and you'll have an unforgettable fish feeding frenzy. 
Colorful fish species of various sizes flocked my hand sensing a free meal. Fishes could get too close and some bit my hand but it didn't cause any discomfort, just a tingling, funny feeling of being too close to nature.

Be wary of strong underwater currents in Siete Pecados which tends to be too strong and unmanageable for amateur swimmers to tread. One would submerge at one end of the banca and would emerge at the other end of it in a few seconds.The bankero provided ropes which can used to tie ourselves to the banca to stay near. Swimming with the fish is exciting but also exhausting due to strong current. 


This lake is about 10 to 15 minutes hike on a rough and slippery limestone trail. Entrance is PhP250. Said to be one of the cleanest lake in the country, the water has great visibility up to depths of at least three (3) meters. Wooden planks serves as walkway on one side of the lake, where visitors can sit and rest after swimming or wading in the lake. 


The lake owes its name to the mean looking creature of the deep. A wooden stairs leads to the entrance of the lake.  Pay PhP100.00 to enter. 

A bit scary to think that you will encounter a baraccuda in the lake. But not really, thank goodness! What's actually swimming in the lake are really tiny varieties of the so called "barracuda" (more like anchovies actually, hehe..), which are very fast swimmers. Water quality in Barracuda Lake is a bit more salty than Kayangan. The lake also has a creepy feel to it, perhaps owing to its deep blue, turbid color. 


Two connecting lagoons make up this Twin Lake. Entrance fee is P100. To see the lake, visitors have to swim through a narrow crevice on the limestone. The water is chilly even during noon. And the lake is much deeper and eerier than the two other lakes combined. The lake is like a narrow river channel, bounded by tall karst formation, as deep to the bottom of the lake as it is tall. The water exhibits a deep blue color with very low visibility. This is no place for the hydrophobic and the claustrophobic. An underwater stream of warm water intermittently gushes left and right, which gives another chill factor. Swim to the other side of the twin lakes and you'll find yourself between the lake and the sea. 


Go deeper in your commune with Coron and dive to the Japanese Skeleton Wreck. This is also a good site for fish-feeding and for shooting great underwater photos. Unlike Siete Pecados, the water here is calm and easy to tread. The sea bathymetry drastically deepens at the portion of the shipwreck, but a shallower area can also be enjoyed for the swimming newbies. . 


If you want to have a birds eye view of the island, get your legs warmed up and head to Mt. Tapyas. The flight of stairs towards a white cross at the peak is more than 700 steps. At night, the white cross located 210 meters above sea level, serves as a beacon for nearby islands to see.


After stairs climbing in Mt. Tapyas, take a tricycle or rent your own motorbike and go to Maquinit Hotspring. Unlike most hotspring resorts, the water here is saltwater mixed with groundwater as it lies on the southeast edge of the island. It is open from 6AM to 10PM with an entrance fee of Php150.00. Take a dip, relax and ease away all worries for the day.

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