Travel Tips: The Great Wall of China

Before China rose to be a global economic leader (soon to take over the world), they were known for their Great Wall. It is one of the greatest man made wonders of the world, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage in 1987. This ancient megastructure stretches more than 21,000 kilometers from east to west China.

How to get there:

There are many sections of the wall tourists may choose to visit.  Below are the information on the three closest to Beijing and most visited section of the Great Wall.

The Juyongguan section of the wall is located 50km northwest of Beijing. If in a hurry, this is the place to visit as this is the closest section, and can be explored in as little as 2hrs. Admission fee is RMB40. Take Bus 919 at Deshengmen (德胜门快车) Station and get off at Juyongguan. 

Huangchua Cheng, located 60km to the north of Beijing may also be visited to see the great wall. Be aware though that some section of the wall here have private owners who will charge a small fee to allow entrance. This segment offers expectacular view of hills, but take note that there are no guard rails and the ground can be slippery. This may not be a good location to take children. It's best to hire a taxi from Beijing for going and leaving the wall. Otherwise, take a Jingcheng express bus to Huanghua from Dongzhimen Station and get off at Huangchua Cheng.
The most popular section of the wall is the Badaling, located approximately 70km from Beijing. And by popular meaning lots of other tourists trying to get that perfect Great Wall photo. Taxis could charge RMB400 for a one way trip, others could charge as pricey as RMB1000.  For cheaper option, take Bus 919 at Deshengmen (德胜门快车)Station and get off at Badaling Great Wall. Travel time is approximately 90mins. Admission fee is RMB40-45.

Quick Tips:

1. Visit early in the day to avoid the crowd.
2. If you are coming in late in the day, esp. in summer, wear your sunblock, bring an umbrella or hat and water to drink.

3. Research on on-going construction of the wall, so you don't travel all the way only to find out its closed for repairs.

Check out my Gallery of the Great Wall for more photos...

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