Mapua Geology Students visits Taal Volcano

One thing that's really fun when you are a Geology student is you get to go places to do fieldwork and have an appreciation of the subjects taught in the four bounds of a classroom. This year, students taking up courses on Principles of Geology and Mineralogy get to visit Batangas for a first hand appreciation of volcanoes and learn about the complex eruption history of Taal Volcano.

The group was given an introduction to Volcanology and Seismology at the PHIVOLCS Taal Observatory. The numerous eruption history of Taal Volcano and how the government agency monitors its activity was discussed.

After the short lecture, it was time to ride the banca to Mt. Tagbaro, southwest of Volcano Island, which was the eruption center of Taal Volcano between 1965-1977. The banca ride was as exciting as the fieldwork itself. 

The teacher was excited as well.. 

 Students hiked towards the crater under the scorching heat of the sun. How they manage to look so happy and smile at the camera, I think is a good trait of aspiring geologists.

PHIVOLCS Volcanologist/Seismologist and Mapua Professor - Dr. Art Daag gave short lectures on the evolution of the volcanic landscape and the geologic processes that shaped Taal's caldera between rest stops along the trail.

A taste of what geologic fieldwork is like, they have to climb steep slopes in search of a good view, an outcrop, or any matter of geologic importance. 

Climb back down again, continue hiking...

And finally to this view.. 
Taal caldera, Taal Lake, Taal Volcano
Taal Crater Lake

The classes of Principles of Geology posed for the camera...

the Mineralogy Class as well...

This fieldwork will not be possible without the help of the Association of Geologist and Geological Engineers of Mapua (AGGEM), these guys specifically...
AGGEM, Mapua, Geologist
with the Association of Geologist and Geological Engineers of Mapua

Until the next fieldwork...

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