Streets of Shanghai

Shanghai is a bustling global economic hub located along the estuary of Yangtse River. 
It is said to be the largest Chinese city by population and attracts more and more people primarily for business opportunities. 

How do you explore China's biggest city if you only have a day?

A lot of places can already be covered for a city daytour, even by public transport. Of course, it would also entail lots of walking.  The Yuyuan Garden would already take at least 3hrs to explore, especially if a meal at LVBolang Restaurant will be sampled. 
Meanwhile, towering buildings and its superb view along Yangtse River at night is enough to excite those who can appreciate architectural design. The city is a fusion of the old and the new. Tall buildings adorned with flashy monitors are everywhere, but the traditional pops out every once in a while. 
Check out my Shanghai gallery for a days' worth of sights and scenes in the city.

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