I put my hands up for TEAM ANZAP

How crazy can a dozen people be the first time they climb together seeking for twin waterfalls adventure?

This crazy... Like we've known each other for life..
Team ANZAP hitting it off instantly at the campsite.
This is the fun of meeting kindred spirits in the mountaineering/hiking community. We even came up with a team song courtesy of McPol. 

McPol:          Knock Knock 
Everybody:   Who's there?
McPol :        ANZAP!
Everybody:  Anzap Who?

McPol:        I put my ANZAP, playing my song, the butterflies fly away... 

And so everybody throughout the climb was singing to Miley Cyrus' song... 

And then again at ANZAP falls

Lets do this again please..

Photo Credit: Victor Callos

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