TARLAC 2013: Tarlakyatan 2013 by TMC

Note to self:  An organized event by Tarlac Mountaineering Club (TMC), is an event worth going to. I was noting this to myself during and after the Tarlakyatan event, and for good reason. 

I was invited to the Tarlakyatan 2013 event by WISAR buddies from TMC (Khit, Jordan, Vhinz and Pong). Tarlakyatan is a three-day event held from June 07 to 09, 2013, with lots of activity options to choose from. Participants get to choose between a hike to Pinatubo Crater or Anzap Falls. Staying at the basecamp is also an option, which I seriously considered when I saw the beautiful river just across it. The most coveted of all was the hike to the Pinatubo Crater. For a really cheap registration fee of only Php900, more than 50 climbers participated. I chose the less popular hike to Anzap Falls with only 10 participants, and cheaper registration fee of Php600.

Anzap Team returned to the Basecamp

The registration fee also included an event shirt and a hosted dinner upon participants return from the hike at Pinatubo Crater or Anzap Falls. And the highlight of the event was the mini concert by the resident band - Brown Outfit Bureau (B.O.B.). At 3AM, while the guys dance the night away to Monkey Man, I'm finding it hard to stay awake. I made my way to the tent I share with McPol, and then slept like a drunk. At 7AM, I awaken to the blabbers of Emerson regarding his missing honeybee.. And everybody else was busy preparing for the trail running competition. While the racers compete, I slept at the Kubo by the river across the basecamp. More than an hour later, the awards were given to the fastest trail runners and finally this group picture.

Photo from Vertikal
Congratulations to TMC for a very successful Tarlakyatan 2013. Not only were they successful at hosting this event, they were also successful at promoting camaraderie among outdoor enthusiasts. From the Team Anzap alone, I get to know more individuals who share my passion for nature and the sports of mountaineering. 

Photo Credits: Gyurick Kansho and Vertikal

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