Climb Recipe: Honey Glazed Chicken Paprika with Pineapple


I learned this recipe from Emer during the first week of our WISAR training (calamansi version). During our Anzap Falls climb in Tarlac, I requested for him to cook this dish again. I brought pineapple and we experimented on adding it to the dish and skipped the calamansi (which came handy when we drank Tequila). The result is this recipe which is capital D-elicious. It was a hit with Team Anzap. 

Precooked/fried Chicken strips
Pineapple Tidbits (Replace Pineapple with Calamansi for a budget option.)
Salt and Pepper
Cooking oil

1. Drizzle cooking oil in pan and heat precooked chicken strip until crispy. Add salt and pepper to taste.
2. Sprinkle paprika on chicken and mix mix mix until chicken is well coated with the spice.
3. Pour pineapple juice to the chicken and set aside pineapple tidbit. Add honey and mix.
4. Reduce sauce to a thick consistency.
5. Pineapples on top and Enjoy!

1. Be careful with the amount of paprika added and make sure this meal will be served to foodies who have a knack for spicy
2. Substitute pineapple with calamansi for a budget recipe. Lemon and dayap might also work.

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