FoodTrip: Baguio's Strawberry Pudding (Taho)

As soon as you get off the bus and exit the terminal in Baguio City, a "Mangtataho" (the guy who sells taho) would already be lurking at the nearest corner or just across the street. Taho is kinda like soft pudding. To me its a knock-off version of yogurt, but still unique on its own. It is made of curdled soya, topped with tapioca (sago) and sugar syrup. The elders say its cleanliness is almost certain, because it wouldn't form to its gelatinous state if its by any chance dirty.

There's not much variation to this simple delicacy, except in Baguio City. And since Baguio is the strawberry capital of the Philippines, they made a variation to the classic taho by adding their prized fruit for a twist. The strawberry gave it a sour-sweet taste, i can only describe as delicious.

Only in Baguio City.. Strawberry Taho!

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