How to go to Baguio's La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

Baguio City is the strawberry capital of the Philippines, so a visit to a strawberry farm is a must when in town. Most tourist get their strawberry fill at the market, but I say, head to La Trinidad and go loco over strawberries as well as vegetables such as lettuce and broccoli. A taxi may be rented which will take you straight to the farm. But I like to do things DIY so, a jeepney will do. Fare is only Php12 on a jeep bound to the La trinidad which cue in front of City Hall. Ask the driver to drop you at the Strawberry Farm. From the drop-off point, its a short walk to the entrance of the farm.

There are two options for buying the strawberries. Option 1: you can buy it from the farm lot owners for PhP150. Option 2: pick the strawberries yourself, but this will cost you double at PhP300. The reason for the mark-up, they said you can choose the best strawberries.

Prices are pretty much leveled here, but if you know how to negotiate, you might get a better price for the strawberries. The trick is to walk farther and deeper into the farm, and the prices usually drop significantly. Struck a deal and bought 5kilos of strawberries. We had only enough budget for 3kilos originally, but with the same budget, we were able to buy 5kilos, for walking the extra mile, quite literally.

These beautiful heart-shaped berries only grow in certain months. As early as October, farmers start planting. They cannot harvest until January, but the prime harvest is at least a month more, just in time for the Panagbenga Festival. By June, strawberry harvest decreases, and farmers shift to planting other vegetables such as lettuce and wait until the next strawberry season arrives..

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