MT. MADJAAS 2002: Climb Itinerary

Mt. Madjaas is the  highest mountain in Panay Island. This mountain name translates to "Mataas" in Tagalog (or tall in English). It is one of three prominent peaks in Antique Range together with Mt. Nangtud, and Mt. Baloi.

I realized that after blogging for quite a while now, I haven't blogged about 
Mt. Madjaas-My Hardest Climb Yet.

Before the photos, I've reconstructed the Mt. Madjaas itinerary during my climb in 2002 as follows.

Travel from Manila Pier to San Jose, Antique via Negros Navigation. Then jeep to Culasi, Antique with courtesy calls to the Municipal Mayor, Provincial Police and the Military. Then to Brgy. Flores with a short hike to our guide - Mang Josue's kubo.

4AM   : Wake up call/Breakfast and prepare Lunch
5AM   : Start of hike along rice paddies and then to Tinangisan Trail.
11AM : End of Tinangisan Trail then to the thickly vegetated mountain itself.
12NN : Lunch on Trail.
5PM   : Set-up Camp (forgot the name of the camp)

5AM  : Wake-up call/ Breakfast and prepare Lunch
6AM  : Break Camp and Resume Hike
12NN: Lunch on Trail
5PM  : Set up Camp / Dinner /Socials

6AM  : Wake up call for summit ascent / Summit
730AM : Break Camp and Descend
12NN: Lunch on Trail
6PM  : Brgy. Flores, Culasi, Antique
8PM  : Tuba Session with Mang Josue

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