Blood sucking leech gets in the eye

I have known limatiks since I started climbing. The famed Mt. Halcon became notorious for its striped limatiks (or tiger leeches). The presence of limatiks (also called "Limatok" in the visayas) in a forest indicates good health and biodiversity. 

In my two month long fieldwork in Leyte, I have seen these creatures time and again in various different colors and sizes. I dodged all of them, until today. 

 When I removed my boots after a long river and trail traverse, I saw this little fat fella on my leg (near the ankle) bloated from sucking my blood.

Turns out there were three more spots on my leg that limatiks had sucked leaving only a blood trail of their mischievous and successful plan. It may be icky to look at, but it doesn't really hurt one tiny bit.

The worst limatik attack I know was what happened to AB here. He felt something in the eye and thought it might be limatik, so he went to the clinic and had the nurse have a look. The nurse didn't see any, so he went back to the field. Then his eyes got itchy again.. By this time he was convinced there was something in his eye.  He went back to the clinic to have the nurse have a second look. Then just as he thought, it was there.. fat and slimy as it should be.. 

This photo after the limatik was removed from his blood soaked eyes. 

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  1. Tell me the limatik is hide on the eyelid or not

  2. It was after the limatik was removed.. but the bleeding continues even so..

  3. English:Me question is if the limatik hide in eyelid or (pilik-mata) or if the limatik enter inside the eye

    Filipino:Ang aking tanong ay kung ang limatik ba? ay nagtago lang sa pilik-mata o pumasok sa loob ng mata

  4. The anonymous said that if a leech or limatik can (enter INSIDE THE EYE)or can hide only in eyelid (pilik-mata) plssssssssssss answer me if you are the real traveler

  5. Yes it can enter the eye.. it usually occupy the inside of the lower eyelid..


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