LEYTE 2012: Puto Rambol

On my trip to Hilongos, Leyte, my hosts AJPF and hubby served me a very interesting food for breakfast. 

It was the first time I had a taste of this not so common visayan delicacy. Made with sticky rice topped with two kind of sauce - either munggo or cocoa. 

The munggo topped sticky rice is called "Puto Munggo". I found it a bit sweet and basically tastes like Ginataang munggo. 

The cocoa topped sticky rice is called "Puto Sikwate". The term sikwate is the local name for cocoa. Puto Sikwate is more salty and does not taste like commercial chocolates which are often too sweet.

Just when you think theres nothing more to this rice delicacy, the visayans got one more trick up their sleeve. Mix them together and it seems entirely different to taste.  The sweetness of Puto Munggo and the saltiness of Puto Sikwate together makes the delicious "Puto Rambol".


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