Pinoy Food Trip: Edible Frogs

During a meal, those who know me would avoid serving me pork and beef because I stopped eating pork and beef in 2002. 

However on a fieldwork in Brgy. Villa Conzoilo, Jaro, Leyte, the Brgy. Captain offered me a dish to taste. It wasn't pork nor beef, rather it was a dish of frog cooked in coconut milk with ginger.

A true blooded Bicolana, I think it was the coconut milk which made me taste this exotic delicacy. Because I was offered a frog dish before cooked adobo-style which did not appeal to me. 

Note that the dish may be exotic to me, but the locals eat this dish on a regular basis. They catch and harvest frogs croaking their might at creeks and rivers. Perfect time to catch them is at night and after a downpour. I imagine that their noise is a dead giveaway.
Jumping free food up for grab. Way cheaper than buying pork or beef or chicken or fish.

So I had a taste of the frog... And I would agree with most comments, It does tastes like chicken.. 
edible frog

Sorry PETA.. But I felt like it was an experience I can't miss being a Filipino. Frog dish is not only popular to the Visayans. Ilokanos have many different way of cooking frogs too. In fact frogs are a delicacy in France, Indonesia, Thailand and China. In some countries such as Vietnam, frogs are commercially raised, just like cows, pigs, and chicken.

As a compromise, I promise never to eat endangered animal species especially turtles.. 

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