Brownie - The Mountain Hiking Dog

Meet Brownie - the mountain hiking dog. 

 He is from Brgy. Villa Conzoilo, in the municipality of Jaro, Leyte (East of Tacloban City). I met him when we hired his master -Marcelino to guide us during fieldwork in Jaro where he followed us during fieldwork. When we trail traversed 3.3km to a certain Kubo, he trailed behind us. We were quite ashamed of ourselves as we watched Brownie hiked the trail and made it look too easy. He ran along the steepest slopes we encountered like it was nothing. But there is one thing he doesn't like, he doesn't want to get wet. He swims but I guess he doesn't like the cold water. And since we will be doing a river traverse, I thought he will meet his match soon.

Brownie didn't have any problem choosing rocks and logs to step on when we got to the river, until we encountered a waterfall.

 He looked on as we climbed the waterfall. Then we heard him cry from the other side when he realized he cannot climb to where we've gone.

But lo and behold, he makes it to the other side of the waterfall. Dogs have great sense of direction and Brownie was able to find a way to get to the other side by climbing the steep mountainside which bounds the river we are traversing.

Resting after lunch.

On our way back to our camp in Jaro, he suddenly started barking. We thought he saw someone along the trail like what happened earlier when we saw a hunter along trail. Then, surprise surprise, he was barking at a full grown Philippine Cobra (approx. 1m) and was making his move to attack the snake, aiming for its head. But the cobra gave a pretty good defense. Brownie's owner was calling him off so he would stay away  from the cobra. He was somewhat distracted and lost focus. Good thing the snake did not engage and took the opportunity to get away. Brownie chased the snake, but halted and went back when called by his master. That evening, he stayed at our Kubo and he trailed with us the rest of the fieldwork.

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  1. Great post, what a cute and clever dog!!!

  2. Thanks Darren.. Haha.. He was a great companion during our short stay in that community.. Great experience.. ;)


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