Wild Tarsiers in Leyte Island

Saw this big-eyed cutie on a fieldwork in Leyte. More popular to be residents of Bohol Island, they rose to fame as one of the island's tourism highlights. I never believed they exist on the islands of Samar and Leyte until today. 

Our field guide - Kuya Pablo called on to me to climb back a few steps on the trail we were hiking and see an animal which he called as "Ma-gu". When I saw those big-round eyes, I shouted in glee that it was a tarsier. I called on to my colleague-JMVA who was ahead of me on the trail to come back up for the tarsier. He ran as fast as he can, not minding slipping on the muddy trail, to get a glimpse of the tarsier. While JMVA make his way back up, I took out the camera and took this photo. A few steps left before JMVA could finally have a look, the tarsier jumped high and out of view.

What I noticed about the Ma-gu I saw was that it was a bit bigger than the tarsiers of Bohol. Probably because of their wild, undomesticated nature. 
wild tarsier, tarsier

Have you thought about how these tarsiers can exist in three separate islands? There's no way they could have swam across right? Experts say they could have thrived on an island thousands to hundreds of years ago. That big island eventually separated by the rise of the sea level is now the three separate islands of Bohol, Samar and Leyte.

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