Lake Danao Natural Park

One of the hidden wonders of Ormoc located in the Amandiwin mountain range is Lake Danao. Also called Lake Imelda (after Ormoc's very own Imelda Marcos), it was declared a Natural  Park in 1972, and was later on renamed to Lake Danao Natural Park in 1998. The lake is an important source of potable water of nearby towns including Tacloban City.
Lake Imelda, Lake Danao, Ormoc lake

At the entrance of the national park, locals sell freshwater shellfish called "Tulya" which can be cooked in so many ways. We bought two heaping of the batch they sell which we thought were enough for 6 person. But after cooking, it shrank enough to fill a small plate. Good thing we brought packed lunch.

I asked a young boy paddling a boat if I could get on his boat and have my picture taken. He offered a trip to the other side of the lake, but I wasn't too adventurous at that time, so I declined, and said I just want a picture. I wasn't really planning on getting myself wet, but when I saw the lake, I wanted to jump right in. It was an unplanned visit, no proper swimwear brought, but I swam anyway in my field outfit. You could only imagine the weight of my red field pants as I tread the water. 

Lake Danao is a  place for a serene and intimate lake experience. With only the basic amenities such as Kubo and just an old fashioned banca (no fancy kayak and airconditioned rooms) the experience is a back to nature kind of experience.

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