MT. MACULOT 1990: MITMC Origin

A tribute to the guys who started it all for all of us in The Mapua Institute of Technology Mountaineering Club (MITMC).

It started with an inkling to discover new things outside the walls of our beloved school - The Mapua Institute of Technology. What started out as a climb adventure of ten youngsters in Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas turned out to be the roots of our beloved organization that would be celebrated every year since then. 

To quote Bobby Relos' take on his first climbing experience that paved the way for his passion for the sport of mountaineering -

"Mt. Maculot first made a deep impression (on them) that they became bewildered and restless, and they began to feel an irresistible urge to travel (again) to the mountain. In the months that followed, they climb more mountains with an inner urge for adventure and to enjoy nature's bounty."

MITMC Founding Members:
Andy Añoso
Antonio De Lara
Bobby Relos
Jun Oreja
Junk FuentesV
Mike Almeda

And now I say, Thank you all for creating that spark that fueled my passion for climbing/hiking. You have my sincere GRATITUDE and RESPECT! 

Bobby Relos for the MITMC Origin piece he emailed me in 2009 and the classic photos included in this post. 

The information contained here were based on late night talks with Bobby Relos at his Trek Shop in Quirino, mostly informal ones. The list of MITMC Founding Members has not been reconciled (Bobby forgot three founding members family name). So if anyone can have that info gap filled, I would be very thankful. 

I would probably do an interview with MITMC's first president - Mike Almeda, to know about his take on MITMC Origin (how it all started, why Maculot?  hehe!) and see if he has a sharper mind than Bobby.. 

Peace Guys! Love you all!



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