LA UNION 2011: San Fernando City Sanitary Land Fill

San Fernando, La Union, promotes their city as an environment-conscious place.  A place where Mother Nature need not be sacrificed for the progress and advancement of the town. They have long term plans for effective waste management and their research for flora conservation at La Union Botanical Garden deserves proper recognition.

I'm not 100% sure that a landfill actually qualifies as a tourist destination. The 10.6hectare Engineered Landfill was a PhP168Million project from different foreign financial sources.

Once inside the landfill, I was surprised I did not smell the stench of garbage that one would expect. The garbage truck which picks up trash at our neighborhood smelled worst. Here's a glimpse of the landfill.

Bigger cities like most in Metro Manila can learn from how San Fernando City take care of its environment. Kudos to San Fernando!



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