DAVAO 2011: Punong Restaurant, Tagum City

On the road aboard a private vehicle to Compostela Valley for a fieldwork, I spotted the Anahaw kubo of Punong Restaurant by the roadside. It stands on concrete stilts on murky shallow water reflecting the kubo under the intense sun.

After our fieldwork in Compostela Valley, on our way back to Davao, looking for a place to eat lunch, I suggested to the rest of the team to try out the restaurant I only gazed at a distance a few days back. 

While waiting for our orders, I strolled around the restaurant to look for interesting stuff. Interesting enough was my interview with the crew and the guard on duty regarding the place. Turns out that the murky shallow water beneath the restaurant is actually a fish pond. Here they cultivate tilapia, bangus and many other fish variety. If it takes them a while to serve your food, they might be catching that fish yet, so be patient...

This meal costed us less than PhP900.00 good enough for four hungry fieldmen.



  1. How can we contact you for reservation and queries?

  2. I don't have the contact number for Punong Resto..

    But if it helps, it is owned by Mr. Cesar Madayag, and is located near a bridge in Bincungan, Tagum City.

  3. it looks like the restaurant in carigara, Balay Constancia.


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