COMPOSTELA VALLEY 2011: Mainit Sulfuric Hotspring

Before heading back to Davao City from a fieldwork assignment in Compostela Valley, we took a detour to a hotspring at Brgy. Mainit in the municipality of Maco. The hotspring is sulfuric with some interesting geologic formations that can only be of volcanic origin. 

It is accessible by private vehicle in less than 3hrs and more by public transportation from Davao City. Once on the main road to Maco, take a  sharp left turn by the road where you'd see this sign.

The place is a familiar place for the locals to relax and have a picnic on a weekend. It is quite unheard of to the average Davaoenos.  But it has airconditioned rooms to accommodate an overnight stay, so there must be  a good number of tourist that come this way.

Daytrippers may rent a cottage for only PhP30.00 after paying an entrance fee of only PhP5.00. But tourists have to bring all of their stuff when coming here, because sari-sari stores in the area don't have much to sell.

So get there (packed and ready)... and experience the hot, medicinal water trickling down its unique landscape. 

Still in my work clothes, obviously I wasn't planning on getting my feet wet. The rest of the team and some locals hitching a ride was at the parking lot outside waiting for me to finish my little sidetrip. Sigh! 



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