LA UNION 2011: Poro Point Lighthouse

Poro Point lies northwest of Luzon within San Fernando City in the Province of La Union. Approximate travel time from Manila is 5hrs by land travel and less than an hour by plane. A lighthouse was built at Poro Point in 1905 during the American occupation.  

The Poro Point Lighthouse is 8 meters (27 ft) high, its tower made up of concrete tower which consists a gallery but it has no lantern. It has a focal plane of 33meters (107ft) and has two white flashes every 10seconds. 

The lighthouse is not accessible to tourist because it is inside a military airfield/base. Plans to develop the lighthouse as a tourist destination is being considered. The blogger got a (once in a lifetime) chance to visit the lighthouse, up close and personal. 

Aboard a red plate vehicle and lead by a personnel from our regional office, we went to the entrance of the lighthouse. We stopped by the checkpoint, and courteously asked if we could take photos of the lighthouse. The military guard on duty was a bit hesitant and he radioed someone somewhere inside the base. He asked us of our purpose for trying to enter the military secured area. 

I had that scene playing over and over in my mind. 
Take 1: We are going to take samples for some baseline study on seawater quality on this side of the gulf.
Take 2: We received a call about unstable ground and earth movement inside.. We are here to investigate. 

I grew up in a military base, so I know how it is with these guys. They are strict and they follow protocol. But if they don't see you as a threat and you show them valid proofs of credibility, you'll have no problem asking for a small favor.

So the safest answer, not to mention the one that worked was - "Oh these guys are from Manila and we are touring them. We are from _____. Is it okay if we enter? It wouldn't take long." (Me at the back, flashing my best smile..) He asked for our ID's and gave us the thumbs-up! 

And finally my photo at the lighthouse after the military fuzz at the gate...

Around the lighthouse are abandoned structures. The only wildlife out there are dogs barking at us, and goats happily chewing grass.  Several structures can be seen inside the base including these two building with giant golf balls as a roofing. 

We were out of the airfield in about 10mins, just like we promised. 



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