LA UNION 2011: Pindangan Ruins

Another place to have a look at when in San Fernando City, La Union is the Pindangan Ruins. It is located in Brgy. San Vicente, San Fernando City, La Union, about 500 meters from the national highway.

We had a hard time looking for the road, because even the locals are not quite familiar with the area. With us was a colleague from our regional office, a resident of La Union, and unaware of the existence of my sought-after ruins. We entered a small road at a signage of the Regional Headquarters of the Philippine National Police, got off track a little, backtracked, and it appeared by the left side of the road. If not for the rusty signage, we would not have seen it right away.

The Pindangan Church was built in 1764. The proximity of the church to the seacoast made it vulnerable to pirate attacks, such that the town's church was transferred to several different location and finally to its present site at the town proper as St. William Cathedral. The old church deteriorated through time to the present Pindangan ruins which composed of solid stone walls and buttresses. Lush vegetation in the area gave the ruins' bulk masonry a calm contrast.

A monastery run by the Carmelite Sisters at the forefront of the ruins stands as the guardian to the heritage of the Pindangan Church.

Though the church may be in ruins, an altar of the Mother Mary carrying the child Jesus exists to inspire silent prayers.

Not much to see here, and visit can take as little as ten minutes. Looking for the road took longer time. But if you have a knack for churches as do I, (though I am not religious) it is worth a visit.



  1. mapapadasal ka nga kung ganyan naman ang madadatnan mo...
    Parang napaka peaceful ng dating..

  2. Amen! hehe! Such a great place to just sit and reflect..


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