LA UNION 2011: Ma-Cho Taoist Temple

When in San Fernando, don't forget to visit the Ma-Cho Taoist Temple located at the town proper. 
Built in 1975 on at least 1 hectare of land area, its namesake was a tribute to a Chinese deity who adored sailors and fishermen. “Dragon Girl”, “Goddess of the Sea” and “Queen of Heaven” she was to the Chinese.

I did not get a chance to see the statue of Ma-Cho, I doubt even if it exists inside the temple. Maybe it doesn't because according to several web references, the temple instead houses the image of the Virgin of Caysasay, the patroness of the Filipino-Chinese community. It is transferred from St. Martin, Taal, Batangas sometime September to the Temple with street festivities typical of the Chinese. 

I have seen the image of the Virgin of Caysasay in St. Martin, Taal, Batangas several years ago. It depicts the dark-skinned, curly black hair and nose common to the native Aetas. What intrigues me is the Chinese community venerating an indigenous looking Filipino deity very much different to the Chinese physique. But I think its cool!

Out in the stone brick courtyard, tourists with appreciation for the diversity of religion will enjoy the sight of the 18 Disciples artistically crafted each with its unique pose. 

Up the narrow staircase, is the Bamboo Garden. The "Liang Ting" Pagoda offers shade out there and offers a quiet and private place for couples.

Beside the pagoda is a pond with another important Chinese deity-Kuan Yin (also Guanyin) or Goddess of Mercy standing proudly on its center.

Ma-Cho's adoration for sailors and the fishermen might be the reason the Majestic Five Door Gate to the temple is facing the South China Sea. 


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