DAVAO 2011: Long Hua Temple

Offer your prayers to the great Buddha in the Long Hua Temple in Davao City. The temple facade is marked by a signage which says "Lon Wa" but it is commonly known to locals as Philippine Academy of Sakya. This might be important when asking for direction to the temple.

The temple is open from 8:00AM to 4:30PM from Mondays to Fridays. There is no entrance fee to get inside the temple, but donations are very much appreciated. Local transportation plying to Sasa and Cambaguio will take you to the temple. This is also the same road going to the airport. 

A smiling buddha at the garden patio greets arriving visitors in the temple. 

The highlight in the temple is the room where the thousand-armed Kuan Yin (or Guanyin) resides. It is said that Kuan Yin transformed into the thousand-armed deity when her two hands no longer suffice her desire to help out too many, such that Buddha appointed her a thousand arms with which to aid the many.

So I gave my silent prayers for her guidance. 

The temple interior is a delightful work of art. Visitors need not be buddhist to appreciate these works of arts. Sadly, there was no one in the temple during our visit to interpret the sculptures.



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