Farewell MGB...

A cocktail party was being held in the conference room at the end of the hall. It was the finale to the Mine Rehabilitation Best Practice and Strategies Conference that the Mine Rehabilitation Program Management Unit organized. 

While participants mingled and socialized, I was at my desk, neatly packing to fit my stuff inside a big white plastic bag. How I wished I was just tidying things up, like I routinely did before each and every weekend for the last year. But this time, it was different.. I was packing to leave.. It was my last day in this office.

My stint in MGB was never planned nor an option for employment but now I think of it as a detour to my life plan, to pick up valuable lessons as I pass by.  What lesson did I learn then?

There is no other place I could have understood mining better than in MGB. I learned about politics, science, power, governance, corruption, habit, and too much of rumors in between, but most of all I learned to stand up for what I believe in. I used to think that mining and the environment are in the opposite end of the spectrum. Now I believe that the end to that spectrum, can be connected, end to end, to form a loop of endless possibilities that will compliment the mining industry and will benefit the environment as well.

And just so its clear, I am not moving away to support anti-mining advocates and NGO's. Unlike what I witnessed someone announce in the podium to steer clear of threats to remove him from office. I have moved on to pursue a bigger calling in me, and yes the practical side to it - a greener pasture. Because I've seen brilliant minds in the bureau wilting away for repeating and redundant tasks, not doing anything except what they are mandated to do. This does not fit me. I felt constraint, my creativity and talent suppressed, and hence my personal growth stunted. I did think about serving the country and stay in the government sector, but I figured there are other ways to be of use to our Inang Bayan.

I have resolved within me, the debate between the necessity for mining and caring for the environment. So goodbye MGB, I have enjoyed my time learning bits of your trade. And for what it's worth, for all the good and the bad, I am glad I got to know you.


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