LA UNION 2011: Bauang Beach

Before the dawn of La Union as the surfing capital north of the Philippines, was the prominence of the Bauang Beach (also in San Fernando) as a swimming destination. Numerous resorts were built on its long stretch of gray sand beach. However, the conditions of these resorts were not as great as it used to be. Through time, Bauang Beach slowly slipped behind emerging surfing beaches of San Juan, La Union.

What I felt during my stay at Bauang Beach in Long Beach Resort was the nostalgia of people unbiased to the beach sand hue. Bauang Beach could never compete with popularized white sand beaches throughout the Philippines, but it boasts of a rich historical significance as the docking site to the soldiers during World War II stretching as far as the Lingayen Gulf.

So to me, this place has more to offer than the usual fun and sun.. 
Appreciate the calmness of the South China Sea early morning while enjoying a cup of coffee.  


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