MT. MALINAO 2005: A River Flows Through It

Mt. Malinao is located south of Luzon and northeast of the Bicol Region particularly in the municipality of Malinao in Albay Province. It is a mountain range with an estimated altitude of 1,584 meters above sea level (wiki). It is listed in Philvocs as a potentially active volcano, whereas a very active neighboring Mayon Volcano lies on its southwest.

A small group from MITMC embarked on the 10hours road trip to Albay on April 27, 2005 for a back to back climb in Mt. Malinao and whaleshark interaction in Donsol, Sorsogon. 

The clouds are keeping the mountain range out of sight but the sun's rays persists behind.

We headed to Brgy. Tanawan, Malinao, Albay for the jump-off to the climb. From there, we coordinated with the barangay officials and was graciously accommodated by them. And by accommodated I mean they allowed us to stay for the night at the Barangay Hall. Two local guides were then arranged for the climb.

That night, our guides brought some good 'ol gin to our "hall le grand" behind the plaza stage. A few more locals joined us in our little socials and before we knew it, we were caught up in our session and had consumed more than the recommended dose of alcohol. One by one, our visitors left, until it was just us. When one of the boys, went out to pee outside, he found one of our guides, probably drunk and sleeping on the stage. All the while we thought he had gone home. Haha! We woke him up and he absent-mindedly went home.

At 6:00AM we were all still sleeping except for Yaz who took this shot. I think we would not have woken up if not for the Kapitan who knocked on the door to see how we were doing. We were out of the Barangay Hall before office started at 8:00AM.

Because we woke up late, we started to hike quite late also at around 10:30AM. 
There was a kubo along the trail, which the guides said we could use. This is where we prepared and ate our lunch. I think all of us, our guided included, took a power nap.

So this is us, taking our time to rest at the kubo before we hike again under the restless sun.

Trying to look composed on this photo though I was really having a hard time. The sun was unusually intense that day especially if you are hiking at the peak hours of the sun. We hiked along abaca, sayote and ampalaya plantation exposed to the elements of the sun. Tried waiting for the clouds to set in above but they weren't cooperating.
Front (L-R): Yaz, Me, Tim; Back (L-R): PV and Jurro; Far Back: the guides

I don't exactly remember what time we arrived in camp, but this photo showed we were relaxed and tidy in camp at around 6:00PM. This was at the established campsite in Mt. Malinao - the Sugad Plaza. 
P.S.: We didn't make those campfires nor our guides.

Another round of socials with our local boys. 

Daragang Magayon greeted us in the morning.

Packed our bags and got ready for the descent. Left nothing but footprints


  1. I miss hiking sooo much! It's fun to read your adventures. Parang kasama na rin ako :)

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    full time mom and traveler.. WOW! Happy mothers day!

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