NAPO, AMBAGUIO: MFPI Medical Mission

One album from my classic climb photo collections before the age of digital cameras. 

Four of us from Mapua Mountaineering Club joined the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines Inc. (MFPI) 22nd Annual Mountaineering Congress with its basecamp in Bayumbong, Nueva Viscaya.

The congress had different climb activities and workshops designed for the participants such as Mt. Pulag climb via Tawangan Trail, BMC Lecture, etcetera.

We signed up for a medical mission in the small village of  Brgy. Napo in the municipality of Ambaguio. Medical doctors from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) were the main volunteers of this noble cause and  some of us climbers tagged along to provide assistance of some sort.
One of the (MITMC Barako) Boys
From left to right: Me, Jener, Dudz, and Badoods

The trail to the mountain village of Napo was not an easy hike. We had in our backpack a great deal of food to last us a week. It was an alternating uphill and downhill hike along the mountain ranges of Ambaguio.

The mountain range also has a network of wood and steel bridges that serves as safe river crossing routes to and from different barangays.

Enjoyed some quality time under the pine tree (Agoho).

I remember joining the lead pack at mid-trek and left behind my "bodyguards" on their male bonding. There were locals who met us along the way and offered to carry the heavy bags that the doctors packed for the mission. For volunteerism sake, I took pride in carrying my own backpack up to the campsite. Lo and behold, when my fine guys arrived in camp, turns out they had their backpacks (or some of their loads) carried for them by the locals. Oh the trickery! Had fun mocking them for their weak backs and wobbly knees though. Hehe! 

Goofin' in camp with other volunteer climbers. 

 I was assigned to assist in the "Operation Tule" makeshift ward while some were tasked to interview patients (in Ilocano), distribute medicine, and assist doctors on minor operations.

I guess most of the volunteers to that medical mission would agree, that giving back something to the community was the greatest feeling beside climbing itself. 

It was one fulfilling climb indeed.


Credits: Images are scanned photos courtesy of Boyet D. 

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