The long and winding trails of Mt. Ugo

One album from my classic climb photo collections before the age of digital cameras. 

Less popular than Mt. Pulag (the highest in Luzon), yet equally an adventure of its own is Mt. Ugo in the cold mountain region of the Cordilleras. It rises 2086 meters above sea level with two common access routes via Tinongdan, Itogon Benguet and Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya. Climbed it via Tinongdan Trail in 2003 with the defunct Sandugo Adventure Club.

Left to Right: Nastie, Mike, Larry & Me (of course)

True to Cordilleras, the trail to the summit of Mt. Ugo is a gradual hike on its ranges... Hills covered with green grass and pine tree shades its ground. 

Elevation is slowly gained after some round about the hills trekking. The view of the backtrail becomes more significant when you get to higher grounds and the cloud begins to envelope the trail.
Natural high!

Featuring the rest of the group posing at a community waiting shed.
Front (L to R):  Charles, Ian, Larry, Bimbo; Back (L to R): Me, Nastie & Mike

Obviously at the campsite preparing dinner...
Cookin some vegetarian dish..

At the summit marker with Nastie...

and more of my climbing buddies...

On our way back, we encountered a landslide which blocked the only road out of that place. We have to sit and wait two hours for the backhoe to arrive and make the road passable to commuters by foot. Our vehicle stucked at the other end and halted by earth debris, exchanged passengers with another vehicle equally stucked on the other side of the landslide.

Sadly, I have the vaguest memory of this climb. :(  

Photo Credits: First three photos scanned from various forgotten sources; 
Last three photos from Nastie (which were one of the first digital climb photos I had).

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