ROMBLON ISLANDS 2004: Enroute to Mt.Guiting-Guiting

Guiting-guiting or G2 is one of the most fulfilling major climb in the country, if not the most technical. G2 lies on Sibuyan Island, one of the three major islands of Romblon. We had a long way getting to the island.  

First of, we took a Bus to Lucena Port. At Lucena Port we headed to Tablas Island for a fourteen hours ride on board an old rusty vessel. Do not expect comfort aboard these vessels, cause you won't find any. I tied my hammock on the topdeck railings, and that's about where I slept.  Drinking session number 1 began.

Getting cozy on my hammock.
We arrived in Tablas Island around 7 o'clock in the morning. To get to Sibuyan Island, the only available ride is a small boat which can carry 30 to 40 passengers. The boat was not scheduled to arrive until 9 o'clock.  So we waited...

Tablas Island's small pier.

and waited...

Occupied most of the pier.

and waited some more...

Didzey and me!

I was bored as hell waiting for the boat ride to Sibuyan Island. The boat was late and we are tired of the same scene on our photos. We decided to take things into our hands and discover this little island called Tablas. 

Decided to stroll the island.

We took turns to experience this slide and had our photo taken.

Stop-over 1: Utilized a playground on the island.

Since the entire island of Romblon is made up of marble quite literally, items made of it was the main craft of the town. Familiar to all is the mortar and pestle, animal shaped figurines, and the egg of various sizes and color that is marble.  There was this really nice turtle I wanted to buy for my turtles collection, but I abide by the so-called Take Nothing Principle (in this case, Buy Nothing). I have a photo of that turtle that I'm content with (not shown here). 

Stop-over 2: Marble souvenir shop

We strolled some more and got to a church established in 1890's - the Patriarca - San Jose. They say a first visit to a church is worth a wish so we entered the church for that purpose. I forgot though what I wished for on that visit, but i'm pretty sure it came true. Nothing is too small a detail for our curiosity, so we explored the rest of the church.  

What are we staring at?

We climbed up a bamboo ladder and saw the kampanero (bell ringer) about to do what he does best.  In the olden Filipino times, bells were intended to warn the community of pirate attacks and natural disasters. It is a fast and effective tool to gather the townsfolk so they'll be safe inside the church.  Today, church bells are usually rang before and after a mass. The kampanero here rang the bell for a departed soul.

Mamang kampanero.

I almost forgot we were in Tablas Island so we could get to Sibuyan Island and climb Mt. Guiting-guiting. The boat finally arrived. Five of us climbed on top of the only deck that the boat has.

Boat top ride. (Left to right - Mike5, Me, Didzey, Peter and Allan)

Got sleepy and tired after a while on the topdeck. It's a little too sunny also, so Didzey and I climbed down and took a seat inside the passengers' open cabin. I tried reading my readers digest but it lulled me further to sleep.

Took a power nap.

Suddenly, there was commotion inside the boat and people became noisier than the boat's engine. We already arrived at our destination. Sibuyan Island at last. 

Just arrived...

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