Captured Sea Turtle returns to Sea

Hanna and I took the only flight to Marinduque serviced by Zest Air one cloudy day.  Our flight was 7am so we checked in at the airport as early as 5:30am. We arrived safely in the little town of Gasan where we met up with our regional offices personnel.  A small rugged jeep fetched us and brought us to the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) for our courtesy call to the provincial director. 

When we got there however, the provincial director was nowhere to be found. He arrived soon after only to tell us that he  would have to leave again because a turtle was caught at the beach of Boac town, and will have to be released. Hanna and I couldn't hide our excitement, especially me (i've been collecting turtle stuff since forever) so we literally begged to join him. For a while we forgot why we where there in the first place (AICMRP)

This was what we stumbled upon.
green sea turtle, Marinduque
A mommy turtle who just laid her eggs.
We arrived there and saw this turtle tied by its right flipper.  I was concerned that it would stress the turtle being tied like that, but the PENRO director assured us, that the sea turtle will be released right away.  The turtle was said to have laid her eggs under the cover of night, and was caught by a fisher-folk before she could return to the sea. The turtle was not in harms way even after being caught, because she was a prize to the fisher-folks who were given monetary rewards and fishing paraphernalia if they are to release the turtle.

Her details were noted (she has a tag already) and she returned unscathed to the sea, but probably a little stressed. This isn't the last that Marinduquenos will have an encounter of her.
Mommy turtle going back to sea
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