Geology as a profession in the Philippines

"I'm a geologist", I told former classmates during a high-school reunion.
"A what?", they asked dumbfounded.
I rephrased my words with careful consideration to not sound like a geek, "I'm an earth scientist."
"Wow!" they gasped in chorus.
A geologist's handy field tool
I impressed them alright, but its sad that very few really knows what a geologist do. It's no surprise to me though that we are quite unheard of. In college, a typical geology  class comprised of 1 to 10 students and averages on 4. Our professors are industry practitioners, so our class usually falls at 6pm to 9pm on weekdays and between 7:30am to 9pm during weekends.

When I took the licensure exam, there were 38 of us aspiring geologist from the only 3 schools in the country (Mapua Institute of Technology, University of the Philippines and Negros State University) which offers a B.S. Geology degree. Only 23 successfully passed the licensure exam. The total number of geologist in the Philippines is roughly 1800 as compared to  the more than 60,000 registered nurses.

Most recently, geologists were publicized and gained exposure on the local news regarding the "Exodus of Geologists" in the country due to  their consistent migration to different countries where greener pastures abound. The demand for geologists, here and abroad, increased when the mining/mineral industry economy significantly picked up.   

Don't be misled into thinking that geologists' line of work is the mining industry alone. Geologists also have an important role in the following industries:
                1. Construction
                2. Water Resources Management
                3. Government Agencies
                4. Environment Consulting
                5. Oil and Petroleum
                6. Renewable Energy
                7. Non-Profit Organizations
                8. Research and Academe 
                9. Disaster Management

The list is endless... 

Being a geologist is by far the wisest decision I have made in my life. No regrets. But when I'm not in the mood to explain much about my "earthly calling" I just say "I'm a government employee."

The author  has left the government sector and is now enjoys a fulfilling freelance career in the renewable energy sector. 

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