BORACAY 2009: 3rd Dragonboat Festival

I miss this bunch! Team Maharlika Drakon posed for the camera during the 3rd Boracay Dragonboat Festival in 2009.

The event has become an annual event for paddlers from all over Philippines as well as neighboring asean countries.  It was a fun-filled two (2) day event (May 01-02, 2009) for Men's, Mixed and Women's rowing category. A kick-off party was held on day one, where paddlers were treated to a buffet, in preparation perhaps to the challenge of the race the following day.   

The team came short to winning but it was a winning experience already to have paddled with Maharlika Drakon Team in the blue waters and white sand shores of Boracay.

Some celebrity sightings during the event...
The frog princess of Boracay.
Rachel Lobangco in her most gracious tan.  She now lives (most of the time) in Boracay having found her passion for firedancing. Still gorgeous at 40 something.

All smiles with sportscaster - Dyan Castillejo.
 She was there to cover the dragonboat festival. She's so fit, i could die of envy.

Also saw Mark Nelson and had photo taken with him, but the memory card of the camera used was damaged. :(

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