MARINDUQUE 2009: Dalahican to Balanacan Trip

During the holyweek of 2009, friends and I took a trip to Marinduque to climb the island's highest mountain - Mt. Malindig. The port of Lucena is the only gateway to Marinduque from Luzon. Anticipating a flock of passengers that will be returning home for the long weekend, we travelled early to Dalahican Port from Manila to secure boat tickets to Marinduque. We arrived in Dalahican Port, Lucena as early as 2AM and was able to buy tickets for the 6AM trip to Balanacan Port, Marinduque.

The three hour difference before our departure was spent by playing cards.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the vessel we were on but this would pretty much describe it . A medium sized boat packed with hundreds of passenger. 

There are two options for seating inside the vessel. The airconditioned room with TV is the best seat, although equally jampacked. The breezy option on the ship's upper deck is cheap but can be too cold and wet being exposed to the sea and wind. We chose an airconditioned seat comfortable enough for a two hours trip to Balanacan Port.

An announcement that we have arrived in Marinduque woke us up. While we let all passengers get off, we secured our bags and took this group photo.

Then at the deck, I saw her welcoming tourists and locals alike.


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