BOHOL 2007: Tarsiers of Loboc

When you hear of the place/word Bohol, what is the first thing or word that comes into your mind? 

Answer:  TARSIER!!!!

Tarsiers are considered the smallest primate in the world which is endemic to the Philippines particularly Bohol, Samar and Leyte. There are contentions on whether tarsiers be considered as primates or something else. But whatever they are, they are very interesting creatures that must be protected.
My first time to see these creatures up close and personal was during a fieldwork for Geohazard Assessment of the Bohol Province in Sept. 2007.

Sorry but one photo isn't enough souvenir.. 

However, according to travel book - Lonely Planet, this mini-tarsier zoo in Loboc is illegally operated, much to my dismay. I don't know the validity to this claim, because no one would think otherwise, as a visit to this place is usually part of tour packages in Bohol. Why would the Department of Tourism allow such a thing? 

At some point, I would have to agree with LP as I observed also that the tarsiers here are very much like zombies. They stay out in the light of day for tourists to see when they should be sleeping so they can hunt at night. Yes, tarsiers are nocturnal. I wonder if these tarsiers even hunt at night, they must have adapted to their dayshifts and to the food incentives that comes with their dayjobs.  I remember there was a signboard which reminds tourists to take the tarsiers' photo without camera flash but are often neglected. I even saw one of my companion turn on her camera flash when she couldn't get a nice photo of the tarsier with her flash off. I swear I wanted to punch her in the nose. I hate to admit it, but we are also to blame for their domestication.

Hmm.. DOT please do something.. At least provide a shaded and dim place that would resemble the tarsiers natural habitat..  Oh, poor thing...

I had comparison of the tarsiers behavior towards people when we visited the 
Philippine Tarsier Foundation Incorporated.
Consider visiting the center instead to observe these creatures and contribute to the correct practices of sheltering the tarsiers. 


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