What's buzzing at the Bohol Bee Farm

A buzzling place in the heart of Dauis, Panglao Island is the Bohol Bee Farm. From its namesake, the main attraction in this farm are the bees and the food products they created from the honey. Though their logo would remind you of the busy bee Jollibee (Haha), their food and products is nowhere near the Philippine fastfood giant, in fact the exact opposite. While Jollibee serves mass produced and possibly genetically modified food products, Bohol Bee Farm serves up homegrown organic food.
The geohazard assessment team of MGB, had a taste of Bohol Bee Farm in Sept. 2007 during a fieldwork in the province.  

We were gathered outdoors for a quick demo and trivia on all sort of things that buzz.. 

This cool guy lectured us about bees and stuff..
bee culture, honeybees
The Bee whisperer

I got my chance to hold the beehive for a quick photo though I would say that its unfair I don't have the protection of the net the lecturer wore.. ^_^ Not complaining of course, just saying... And trying to find an excuse for my timid smile.
Bee culture, Bohol Bee Farm
What's the buzz about?

The farm also have a wide array of organically grown ingredients that they compliment with their honey produce. The bread they make served with a variety of spreads (mango, pesto, and plain butter with honey) that are unique to the bee farm I will remember forever. Okay, enough said, its on my list of places to revisit.

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