BOHOL 2007: Blood Compact Historical Site

A place of historic importance to the Boholanos and to every Filipino is the Blood Compact Site in Brgy. Bool, Bohol. A blood compact is a Filipino ritual wherein two leaders pour their blood into a cup (sometimes mixed with wine) and then drink from it, signifying a bond between them. A blood compact between Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Rajah Sikatuna, the loyal chieftain of Bohol took place on March 16, 1565 as treaty of peace and goodwill between the foreigners and the Boholanos. This historic event is celebrated every year in June as the Sandugo Festival.

A monument now stands on the very same spot where the blood compact ritual took place hundreds of years ago. 

Cheers to the Bohol Province Geohazard Team of MGB!


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