BOHOL 2007: Balicasag Island Dive Resort

The government owned Balicasag Island Dive Resort is one of a must-visit place in Bohol. We were invited to the island by the local tourism office during fieldwork for Geohazard Assessment of the Bohol Province in Sept. 2007. 

Balicasag Island have several premiere diving spots such as Black Forest, Cathedral, Diver’s Haven, Royal Garden, and Turtle Point to name a few.  It is a favorite spot for diving with baraccudas, wrasse, scorpionfish, occasional white-tipped sharks and turtles. The entire island has been declared marine sanctuary in 1978.

    A quick 30 minutes ride aboard the service boat of the tourism office brought us to the island which is approximately 6km from Panglao Island. But before that I admired the equally beautiful Virgin Island from the boat on our way to Balicasag.

But because I was in Bohol for a fieldwork rather than vacation, I was not in the right mindset to take a swim and do some snorkeling. Plus I found the wind and current too strong for my swimming skills. I kept my feet dry and just admired the view from the huts. 

Despite the strong wind and current, this tree stood alone along the beach of the island.

It was a short walk to and from  Balicasag's Resort Area, but we found this golfcart too cute to pass especially after we overloaded it.

Then finally, time to go back to Bohol mainland.. 

Many thanks to the Governor's Office in Bohol for accomodating our team at the old house and to the local Tourism Office for the trip to Balicasag Island.


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